Postscript of HardWorX’s Tour of Hyteraems Factory

Time:2018-4-28 16:30:56

“Hyteraems manufacturers at scale, producing products at very high volume, for a range of clients. For many on the tour, this was the most sophisticated production environment that they had seen. Massive in scale, gleaming white and pristine, futuristic and automated with robots coexisting with humans. It was an awe inspiring factory tour.” —— State of Electronics

Last November, HardWorX, a start-up incubator of hardware technology from Australia, had a tour of Hyteraems factory and was highly impressed with Hyteraems startup business and the development program of “Industry 4.0”.

And recently, a series of videos of HardWorX’s visit in Shenzhen’s factories have been made and uploaded online to share what they saw in the tour. Hyteraems is very glad to be in one of the parts of the series.

>>> Click here to watch the video

It has been a pleasant exchange with HardWorX, a team of innovative and dynamic person, as the sparkle of bouncing ideas is always welcome in Hyteraems. Hyteraems set up the startup business with the purpose of digging up new ideas and new opportunities.

As a professional EMS provider, Hyteraems is moving forward and eager for new changes, forging ahead with its capabilities to help our customers win the competition.

Hyteraems Startup Business Unit

Hyteraems began the startup business unit in 2016 to help startups get through the whole product development process from prototyping to mass production with the support of experienced R&D team from Hytera Group. We can also give them access to the whole ecosystem including supply chain, sales channels and investors to create a perfect environment to develop their hardware company. We focus on high-level innovation areas including Robotics, Healthcare, IoT, intelligent agriculture, Communication, etc.

For early stage startup, we can provide tech support from DFM to scale up, full supply chain support from Pilot run to mass production, special cost support on manufacturing (zero profit) and investment pitch connection with VCs.

For mature startup, we can provide manufacturing partnership with cost support and supply chain management as well as investment directly from Hytera Group.

Hyteraems startup business unit will keep working on providing comprehensive service for startups to help them with faster implementation of product launch.