Company Profile    

Hyteraems, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hytera Communications Corporation Ltd. (Market value $3.5 billion), is a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of high-quality, durable electronic products.

Since 2006, Hyteraems has been providing services to the optical communications, satellite communications, robots, automotive electronics and marine industry. Our services include a wide range of EMS including design, manufacturing and supply chain services.      

Hyteraems has established several subsidiaries and offices in the countries and areas like the US, Japan and Hong Kong, with about 2000 employees. To continue meeting the changing needs of our valued customers, we are committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness through an intelligent Hytera Production System (iHPS) that delivers superior quality and service.    

With 10+ years’ experience and world-class capabilities, Hyteraems is ready to help you to increase efficiency, stay ahead of the competition.    

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